THE PROM- Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

There was no “prom-posal” but I found a theatre going buddy to be my date for the evening and headed to THE PROM! We had so much fun taking our “prom picture” and meeting up with some of the other Twin Cities Theatre Bloggers! It’s always such a fun energy at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre and this time was no exception! 

The story follows a group of self-absorbed Broadway actors who are selfishly looking for a PR stunt to better their image. They learn about Emma, a teenager from Indiana, who has made the headlines for wanting to attend her school Prom with another girl. The school PTA made the call to cancel the Prom altogether. This group of actors heads to Indiana on a mission, get this girl to Prom. Through various obstacles they each find their own way to make a difference in this small town and to help Emma find her voice and her “Zazz”. 

The entire cast is phenomenal, especially Monty Hays in the role of Emma. They made me tear up during “Just Breathe” as they belted out the last few moments of the song. With many scenes with the over-the-top Broadway stars Hayes grounds the story and makes you instantly want to root for them. Paired with the hilarious and heart-warming Tod Peterson as Barry. *spoiler alert* I was equally excited for Emma and Barry that a Prom happened so they could both have their moment on that dance floor!

I had seen the movie version of the musical when it was released in 2020 and to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, though it was full of celebrities, something fell flat for me. I am happy I gave the live production a shot because the short fallings of the film were redeemed on stage. The nuances each of the actors brought to the “Broadway stars” made them MUCH more likable. Acceptance and understanding doesn’t come after a 2 minute musical number, unfortunately it’s not that easy. However, we see the beginnings of a transformation for the people in this town and one would hope they continue that effort after their stories have concluded onstage. 

THE PROM at its core is a story for anyone who’s felt like an outsider and is looking for a community to be their true selves. A story of acceptance, love, and being able to dance with whoever you want. Jam-packed with wonderful choreography, it’s an entertaining way to spend a few hours, and a reminder to always “love thy neighbor”.

We arrived a few hours ahead of the performance to be seated for dinner. As it is the Dinner Theatre I have to mention the delicious food we got: Pasta Primavera with Chicken and BOTH of the fabulous cheesecakes, we couldn’t decide so had to just try both. It felt much like the prom itself, first out to dinner with friends then off to an evening that makes you wanna dance! THE PROM at CDT runs through June 10th. Information and tickets:

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