The Dixie Swim Club: Old Log Theatre

We get a peek into an annual Girls Weekend as 5 former college swim teammates leave their troubles with men, work, kids, and the realities of getting older at home (or at least try to). As each member of the crew arrives we get a taste of what each one brings to the group and the connections that continue to keep five very different personalities coming together each summer. This perfectly cast ensemble allows the heart to shine through the comedy as we see the struggles that each woman faces. Watching them lean on each other for support and communicate the blunt truths that only people who have known you for 40+ years can get away with is an endearing display of true friendship.

The cast features Shana Eisenberg, Jen Maren, Sara Marsh, Bonni Allen, and Melinda Kordich directed by Eric Morris (who recently starred in Bridges of Madison County as Robert Kincaid at Artistry). I have had the pleasure of seeing many of the women in this cast in other productions around the Twin Cities so it was a treat to see them on stage together. Their chemistry and comedic timing kept me smiling through the whole production and intrigued about how their stories would end.

Though we meet these women in their mid 40’s and jump into their lives a few times over the following 30 years, I still related so much to the friendship being portrayed on stage. This summer I will be attending my 5 year college reunion and I already have many traditions like this with the women I attended the College of St. Benedict with. I loved watching their stories play out and I hope I have this type of relationship with my friends 25 years from now. Each woman has their own story to tell and secrets to keep but stay connected through a yearly weekend, shared memories, lots of laughs, and the always important martini shaker.

My theatre going buddy was my Mom and we had fun at intermission talking about the friendships she has had for 20+ years and how fun it is to see how all these very different women can still find common ground. We especially enjoyed how the topics of conversation evolved as the women hit various milestones in their lives and how we see that in our own friendship circles. Right after the show she already had a list of her friends that she said would get a kick out of the show and honestly I could say the same thing!

It runs now through May 29.

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